Advantages and Disadvantages of a Sprinkler System

Without water, it is not possible to have a beautiful yard. Several locations are lucky enough to get precisely the correct amount of water from rain. However, sprinklers are the best way for the rest of the world to distribute water to the whole yard.

Sprinkler System

You might want to consider having an automated sprinkler system installed if you currently use a hose with an attachable sprinkler nozzle. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of installing one:

1. Water while you are away.

A popular season to go on a trip is during summer. However, whenever you return from your summer getaway, you would mostly end up returning to a yellow yard. Well, worry no more. Automated sprinkler system removes the need to ask your neighbor to water your yard for you while you are on a vacation.

2. Water the exact amount.

Modern automated sprinkler systems have soil moisture and weather sensors to distribute the correct amount of water right whenever it is required. A modern automated system, by sensing rain, would skip the planned watering to save you money and prevent over-watering of your yard.

3. Water at the exact time.

A lot of professionals suggest watering your yard early in the morning. This is because it could help minimize evaporation when you water during sundown. Also, selecting morning instead of evening restrains the spread of illnesses that could happen if your lawn stays wet all night. The simplest method to take benefit of watering early in the morning is to set a schedule on your automated sprinkler system.

4. Safety and Aesthetics

There is nothing beautify about a hose across your yard. The view is a mandatory side effect if you do not set aside your hose after each session of watering. Also, the hose is a tripping hazard for pets and children playing in your lawn.

5. Convenience

Making watering a lot less hassle is the clearest reason to install an automated sprinkler system. You could set a schedule so your sprinklers water automatically your yard at particular times during particular days of the month.


1. Expense

Because of the alleged expense, a lot of people do not want to install an automated sprinkler system. However, there are a lot of automated sprinkler system installation company that offers free estimate on their site. This would help you know exactly what the expenses would be before you even begin.

2. Damage to the Landscape

It is ideal to have an automated sprinkler system installed before the sod is laid down and the landscaping is done. Else, having this system installed requires parts of your lawn to be dug up so the piping system could be attached and installed to the plumbing system of your house. This could take weeks or days. Of course, the time frame depends greatly on the installation size. Meaning, if possible, you could combine it with other projects if you are retrofitting the yard with automated sprinkler system.

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